Available colors

Thermo pot TP4310PD/RD

GTIN: 7640152894145
Color: Red
Combines the functions of a kettle and a hot water flask.


Oursson thermo pot is a universal device, which combines the functions of an electric kettle and a hot water flask. You can use it for boiling water, as well as for maintaining water temperature for a long time (five temperature modes available). This way, if you want one more cup of tea, you don't have to purposely boil water, as you have hot water in your thermo pot. It is also easy to pour water - simply press the button. Besides, this device has a few more advantages: it consumes little power, and water capacity is at least two times bigger compared to an electric kettle. Various color available to fit your kitchen palette. Now you can make tea at any time even for a great company of tea lovers.